The Coaching Effectiveness Snapshot™

The Coaching Effectiveness Snapshot™ is a proprietary 180-degree assessment that provides feedback from your salespeople on the quality and effectiveness of your coaching.


Studies Prove That Coaching Drives Sales Performance

The Corporate Executive Board (CEB) Executive found:

  1. Sales manager coaching is the #1 activity that drives sales performance and develops great sales reps.
  2. Highly effective sales managers drive 19% more sales than their less effective colleagues.
  3. Coaching was the skill that sales managers did least well.

What Does It Measure?

The Coaching Effectiveness Snapshot™ measures six dimensions of effective sales coaching as seen by the salespeople who receive coaching.


The Coaching Effectiveness Snapshot™ will provide you with feedback on the following dimensions of effective coaching:

  1. Sales Rep Receptiveness: Are your sales reps open to being coached? For coaching to work, sales reps must be open to being coached.
  2. Leadership: Are you clearly setting and communicating common goals?
  3. Support of Sales Activities: Are you helping your sales reps focus on the most important opportunities and customers?
  4. Coaching Flexibility: Are you adjusting your coaching style based on the individual and situation?
  5. Performance Coaching: Are you holding your salespeople accountable for following through on their own business plans and commitments?
  6. Coaching Time: How much time are you spending coaching your salespeople every month?

How Does It Work?

Once you complete the registration form:

  1. We send you an email with a link to complete the online survey.
  2. You complete your self-assessment.
  3. We invite the salespeople you would like to get feedback from.
  4. Your salespeople will receive an email with instructions on completing the online survey.
  5. This email assures them that their ratings and comments will be confidential and not be attributed to them.
  6. Once all salespeople have provided feedback, we will provide you with your completed Coaching Effectiveness feedback report.
  7. We will send you a copy of your report with a link to book a debriefing session.

In your debriefing session, we will help you:

  • Interpret the results of the feedback
  • Identify and acknowledge strengths
  • Identify and acknowledge areas for improvement
  • Identify gaps between your self-rating and how others have rated you
  • Create your development plan and goals with your areas of focus and create a plan to get there

What You Get?

  • Fully Automated

    The assessment is fully automated and completely anonymous. It takes less than 20 minutes to complete and provides rich feedback.

  • Coaching Report

    Once all your salespeople have provided their feedback you will receive a full report detailing your coaching strengths, opportunities for development and blind spots.

  • 1hr Debrief

    Steven will go over all aspects of the report and help you put together your own development plan.

What is 180-Degree Feedback?

180-degree feedback is a simple and effective way to identify an individual’s strengths and highlight areas where development would have the largest impact on improving performance.

We compare feedback from your salespeople and your self-assessment which helps to identify your coaching effectiveness.

The result is a feedback report that provides a more complete picture of your coaching.

Doing a 180-degree feedback before taking Focused Sales Coaching allows you to identify your coaching strengths and areas for improvement. This in turn, allows you to develop specific development goals and areas of focus.

What Does It Cost?

The cost for the Coaching Effectiveness Snapshot™ is $499. This includes the cost of administering the survey, the report and the debrief session with Steven.