Are you tired of continually pushing your sales reps to do more and working countless hours and not still not getting the results you desire?

Let me let you in a’s, not your fault. With more and more on your plate than ever before, learning how to coach isn’t at the top of your list.

The industry is filled with many hard working, knowledgeable and capable sales managers like you.

The problem is, that very few people actually figure out how to consistently and methodically develop their salespeople to be top performers

Why? Because they are too busy managing their people and are bogged down in the day to day minutiae to focus on becoming great sales coaches.

Improving the performance of your team does not have to be a slow or difficult process.

I believe in fast wins and having FUN. I know that if you are going to invest in something it has to give you a return.

With the right focus, the right training, and the right tools, you can implement a step-by-step plan to go from good to great in the shortest amount of time possible.

You can move from coaxing your reps to perform to having them crush their sales numbers.

And, you can improve sales performance NOW as you learn how to coach and grow your people and grow your business this year.

About Steven

I bring over 25 years of Executive Leadership and Coaching experience in this program. I’ve worked in leadership roles and have delivered stellar sales results in both industry and for my coaching clients.

But, it hasn’t always been an easy ride. In 2002, I was in a role that I wasn’t happy with. I had to smile when I didn’t want to just to make it through the day. After three years in that role, I had an a-ha moment. I realized it wasn’t about me or the money but about helping others.

Since then, I’ve made it my mission to help others. I’ve been:

  • Recognized as one of the Top 50 Sales Influencers
  • Had my blog, “The Sales Management Blog” recognized in the Top 50 Sales Blogs
  • Had my book, “52 Sales Management Tips” recognized in the Top 50 Sales Books

To make sure that others don’t have to take the path I had to, I’ve developed a 5-step formula for helping my clients develop their people, execute and drive more sales. 

My focused, practical, no BS approach to growing sales is designed to help you crush your sales numbers.

52 Sales Management Tips – The Sales Manager’s Success Guide

Rosen’s sales management book brings a much-needed perspective to help you lead, set the agenda, and take back control. It’s easy to read, well laid-out and gushes with practical, actionable tips. Get it!”

Mike Weinberg,
Author, #1 Amazon Bestsellers New Sales. Simplified. and Sales Management. Simplified.

52 Sales Management Tips named one of the 12 Best Sales Management Books EVER Written by Insightsquard.