Highly Effective Sales Coaches Drive 19% More Sales

Build new skills and significantly increase sales

Most sales managers fail to get the results that they work so hard to achieve, because they are not developing their sales teams to be more effective. They believe their role is to be a “super rep” or to put out fires.

Some even believe that because they work 50-60 hours a week and help their salespeople, this entitles them to grow their sales.

Many sales managers find it hard to find time to coach because they lack the skills and a proven coaching methodology.

Isn't it time for you to crush your sales quotas?

What if you could be a top performing sales manager within the next 6 months...all without having to miss a day in the field, spend thousands of dollars on training or wait for your company to roll out a new program.

This is exactly why I created the FOCUSED SALES COACHING™. It's a revolutionary approach where I teach you my proven five-step process so you can become a highly effective coach, develop your people and crush your sales quotas.

It's up to you to lead your team, but I guarantee you, if you follow my five-step process, your team will be more engaged and you will hit your sales numbers each month.

After training 100’s of sales executives and thousands of sales managers, I've learned that there are 5 steps you must follow to develop your salespeople to improve their competencies and as a result, I have created the Focused Sales Coaching Methodology.

Sales Manager Training, Perfected

Focused Sale Coaching


Engaging Online Sales Manager Training That Will Show You How to Coach and Drive Sales Performance

Focused Sales Coaching™ has been successfully implemented by startups and Fortune 500 companies across all industries. Results you can expect to see:

  • Improved sales rep engagement

  • Improved sales rep performance

  • Work less hours

  • Crush your sales quotas month over month



    Become an assertive, confident leader who can coach effectively.


    Experience productivity that sets new sales records.


    Expect increased revenue and an improved sales culture.


All the skills, exercises, and sales coaching tools you need to become a STAR Sales Coach.

In Focused Sales Coaching, you will learn how to effectively coach your salespeople into top performers – leading to increased sales, better engagement, and improved job satisfaction. Steven will teach you a five-step coaching process that will develop and inspire your salespeople to achieve new levels of performance.

In this online learning program, you will learn how to:

  • Avoid common coaching mistakes that can negatively impact performance
  • Develop a self-motivated, engaged, and fully accountable team of top performers
  • Develop a coaching mindset
  • Develop individual sales rep coaching plans
  • Engage and retain your top salespeople
  • Create greater accountability for achieving goals
  • Employ simple, yet effective techniques to create sales rep buy-in and behavioral change

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Focused Coaching Introduction
  • 2
    Chapter 1: The What and Why of Coaching
  • 3
    Chapter 2: Steven's Top 10 Coaching Mistakes
  • 4
    Chapter 3: Are You a Highly Effective Coach?
    • Find out How Effective a Coach You Are
    • Download: Coaching Effectiveness Sample Report
    • Assessment: Are You a Highly Effective Coach? Find Out.
  • 5
    Chapter 4: Step 1: Focused Coaching Methodology
    • Focused Coaching Methodology
    • Selling Power Magazine - Play to Score Q3 2012
    • Tool: STAR Sales Rep Development Coaching Plan/Coaching Journey
    • Quiz: Coaching Mindset
  • 6
    Chapter 5: Step 2: Self Evaluation
    • Self- Evaluation
    • Quiz: Self Evaluation
  • 7
    Chapter 6: Step 3: Coaching Focus
    • Coaching Focus
    • Quiz: Coaching Focus
  • 8
    Chapter 7: Step 4: Self-Directed Plan of Action
    • Self Directed Plan of Action
    • Quiz: Self Directed Plan of Action
  • 9
    Chapter 8: Step 5: Closing the Accountability Loop
    • Closing the Accountability Loop
    • Quiz: Closing the Accountability Loop
  • 10
    Chapter 9: Pulling it All Together
    • Pulling it all Together
    • Pulling it All Together
    • Tool: STAR Focused Coaching Planner


“This course really helped me understand the importance of Asking vs Telling using the What, Why, How and When. I also noted the importance of working with one or two important things at a time with a rep. Asking a question like: "If you had something you would like to improve what would it be?" Reps who receive coaching outperform and are more engaged. I already can see that with the one I spent time coaching. Asking my reps to work on 1 or 2 areas and identify a skill to improve for mid to long term and make a commitment will definitely have a great impact on my team's performance. I took a lot out of this course and applied it right away with my team with great results. Thanks”

Sebastien DrapeauSebastien Drapeau

“Great course! Thank you Steven, this was a great course. I enjoyed the learnings and then putting them into practice. ”

by Dana Barkerby Dana Barker

“Simple & Effective Coaching Principles Really appreciated the structured approach. As a new ASD, I particularly liked hearing about the most common coaching mistakes & the simplicity of the 4 key pillars (asking effective questions, commitment, pen to paper & accountability). I implemented the coaching planner with 5 of my reps and it really forced them to think about their individual needs and areas of improvement. It was a very worthwhile exercise (especially for the newest members of my team) Thank you! Nada”

Nada ScangaNada Scanga

“STAR RESULTS “Focused Coaching” is a very clear and concise course that I know will transfer your sales managers into sales coaches. You will see the difference!”